Food industry and trade

Within the food industry and trade large amounts of food wastes arise due to production errors, overproduction and returns. This waste may easily be handled by a food waste disposer and, if connected by a tank, stored before being emptied to a sludge suction truck.

By grinding the food waste its nutrients are preserved, and in a later stage it can be used as bio fertilizer or as a valuable input for the production of biogas. Today, biogas is already being used as an environmental friendly alternative for public transport, industrial heating and electricity.

In addition to freeing up space as cooled storage rooms will no longer be needed, bad odors and hygienic problems are eliminated by the usage of a disposer and the storage in an oxygen free tank.

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As an example, Disperator’s equipment is used in the food industry for processing of vegetables. Defected and discarded materials are sorted and ground in a disposer, connected directly to the production lines. The waste is collected in a local tank for subsequent transport and recycling through biogas production.   

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