Marine & offshore galley

Disperator food waste disposers within the 500-Excellent Series (Models 510, 515, 520, 530, 550, 575)
hold the Declaration of Compliance issued by DNV, verifying compliance with applicable sections of
MARPOL consolidated edition 2011/2012 ANNEX V.

Cruise ship

With thousands of passengers onboard, a cruise ship generates a great deal of food waste that must be handled as soon as it arises.

Passenger & car ferry

The many routes and frequent changes of passengers give rise to a great deal of food waste which must be taken care of immediately on arrival in port before new passengers are taken on board.

Merchant vessel

The available storage area for generated food waste is often limited on a merchant vessel. A disposer that grounds the food waste before it is released into the sea is often fully adequate to simplify life aboard.

Offshore platform & rig

Where operation takes place 24 hours a day 7 days a week meals must constantly be prepared for its crew members. As food scraps arise a disposer may easily and hygienically handle this waste.  

Navy vessel

For larger vessels complete food waste handling systems including a disposer connected to a vacuum system, dewatering equipment and a storage tank are often a necessity.


By definition riverboats have no possibility to release ground food waste in the waters they operate in, but must rather be temporarily stored in tanks until emptied in port.


Yachts mainly visit ports with stringent health rules on the handling of food waste and need access to special storage tanks for this waste.