Work Environment & Hygiene

Safety problems are common in a catering environment. Strenuous conditions, tedious manual work, heavy lifts, carrying-pushing- pulling work, repetitive and monotonous tasks, are often done under time press on slippery floors from food waste spills. Ergonomic improvements often mean that the work load is reduced and productivity is increased. Employers with good ergonomic aids increase their competitiveness, while the employees experience their work place attractive. It becomes easier to recruit new and retain existing staff.

Although there are regulations to improve the work condition in commercial kitchens, it is the responsibility of both the employer and the employee to prevent common physical hazards. Loading injuries entail daily pain in muscles and joints, which does not easily subside. In Sweden, sick listings due to loading injuries last an average of five months and account for more than one third of all reported work-related injuries every year. Every injury has a financial aspect that affects the person injured, employers as well as society.

New food regulations are in operation since 2006 within the EU which place the consumer’s interest and security in focus. A fundamental regulation is the separate handling of ”clean" and "unclean" produce in the kitchen. It is especially important to avoid the passage of food wastes through the areas in the kitchen where food is stored, prepared and cooked. Contaminated food waste produces not only contamination and filth but even bad odours and an increase risk for accidental slipping.

Food waste is produced in various workplaces in commercial kitchens. When food waste disposers are installed, problems relating to working environments and hygiene caused by food waste, disappear immediately. Kitchen personnel can safely and quickly remove food waste at the same time it is produced by means of a food waste disposer that grounds it into small particle before flushing it out with water through pipes to a digestion tank or the municipal waste water treatment plant.

How would your business be affected if the following procedures were removed?

  • Transport of heavy garbage bins containing food waste from washing areas to a refrigerated  garbage room
  • Reduce necessary cleaning of spilt food waste from overfilled garbage bins and split plastic bags
  • Cleaning of garbage bins after being emptied of food waste
  • Elimination of bad odours, vermin and germs which otherwise would result in dissatisfaction from environmental and health authorities.
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