Operational reliability

Combined with the company's excellent reputation and the high quality of its products, Disperator has achieved a market-leading position in equipment for the handling of food waste in the maritime industry worldwide. The long life expectancy and operational reliability of the products are mainly due to the choice of high-quality components: grinder of specially alloyed steel (with a hardness as high as 50 HRC), housing and mounting assembly of stainless steel EN 1.4301 (AISI304) as standard, motor of protection class IP55 as standard, unique and well-proven sealing design between grinder and motor, just to name a few. As owners of the production tools and having all of the assembly and testing made in our own factory in Stockholm, Sweden, we have full insight into the chain of making the product, guaranteeing each product’s superior quality.

Quality control

To ensure customer satisfaction and keeping a superior quality day by day all year round we abide by clearly prescribed procedures of quality controls, when parts are received as well as during assembly and before delivery to the customer. We preform seal controls of bearing plates, plug gages for tolerance of the grinders, a well-developed calibration system and testing of electrical and flushing water of completed disposers with assembly. The data of these inspections are stored together with the product's serial number in our administrative system. The stored data supports customer’s assurance of knowing exactly what has been delivered at any time.

Svensk Produkt
Made in Sweden

We are proud of labeling our commercial kitchen range 500 Excellent Series of disposers with "Made in Sweden". It is internationally recognized that Swedish products are associated with reliability and high quality. By hiring local suppliers, “Made in Sweden” also becomes valuable in the domestic market, where jobs are created and the environment is improved by shorter transports. Moreover, by keeping suppliers close our flexibility increase and delivery time is shortened – all in efforts to meet your requirements and needs.

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