Commercial kitchen

Restaurant kitchen

In restaurant kitchens, procedures and equipment for the handling of food waste have developed slowly. Laborious manual handling and storage of food waste in containers or bags is hard work and at the same time constitutes a hygienic risk.

Staff canteen

Pleasant staff canteens for the employees where the kitchen staff has enough energy and time left over to plan and serve good lunches every day, means a lot to well-being, comfort and, consequently, the efficiency of the company.

Hospital kitchen

In a hospital kitchen, large amounts of food waste are handled from all of the hospital's wards as well as staff cafeterias and restaurants, which places high demands on efficient and safe handling of this waste.

School & central kitchen

School and central kitchens set specific requirements on the source sorting as the flow of food waste to some extent takes place between premises located in different places in the municipality. Conditions and needs vary, and system solutions are needed that handle the entire flow of food waste.