Food waste Disposer

Easy source sorting of food waste saves you time and money

Food is usually associated with something enjoyable but which in turn generate scraps and leftovers. When ground in a food waste disposer, this organic matter is increasingly viewed as a valuable energy source in the form of biogas. In addition to the environmental benefits a food waste disposer also contributes to an improved working environment without sanitary issues, increased efficiency without heavy lifting and lower waste handling costs. Disperator’s food waste disposers have been used in commercial kitchens and marine galleys since the 40's, now this proven technology may also be supplied with a complete waste handling system.


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Why food waste disposer


Work Environment & Hygiene

Working environment problems such as strenuous work and manual handling with heavy lifting is common. This stress is reduced and productivity is increased by ergonomic improvements.


Large parts of the source sorting of food waste in any size kitchen can be automated, which in turn provides savings of both operating expenses and working hours with a lower cost per meal served as an effect.


Our society has every reason to increase the collection of food waste to satisfy the constantly increasing need for biogas as an environmentally friendly alternative to polluting fossil fuels.

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Why Disperator



Combined with Disperator's excellent reputation and high quality products, we have achieved a market-leading position in equipment for the handling of food waste in the maritime industry worldwide.


In dialogue with the market, we conduct our own research and development, finding the right balance between technology, finances, production and environmental impact.


With more than 60 years of experience, we have developed the knowledge that makes us specialists in production, development and distribution of equipment for the efficient handling and source sorting of food waste.

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